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Things To Do In San Diego

Mission Beach

Mission Beach is a peninsula that stretches from Pacific Beach (Pacific Beach Drive) to what we call the Jetty, one of two jetties that provide an outlet from Mission Bay to the Pacific Ocean.  Mission Beach is bordered by Mission Bay on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other.  We refer to these two sides as “bayside” or “ocean front.”  The streets in Mission Beach consist of one North-South street called Mission Blvd, and dozens of East-West streets.  The pedestrian streets are called “courts” and are named after famous beaches around the world, starting with Anacapa and ending with Zanzibar.  The drivable streets are called “places” and are named for missions, like San Jose and Santa Barbara.

Mission Beach is not its own city, but a community, often considered part of the Pacific Beach area.  Mission Beach’s primary attraction is the Boardwalk, but it also features Belmont Park, a mixed use space with a famous wooden rollercoaster that still functions, an amusement park with activities for kids, shops, and several great restaurants.


-The Boardwalk

-Belmont Park

-Crystal Pier

-The Jetty

-Volleyball Courts

-Mission Bay Aquatic Center




-Luigi’s Pizza



Pacific Beach


La Jolla


Balboa Park




Point Loma